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日本舞踊(Classical Japanese dance)紫流師範 紫筝珠(むらさきそうしゅ:Murasakisousyu)


In dance ancient in Japan, dance in the Edo era of Kabuki has become its foundation.

In alten Tanz in Japan, Tanz in der Edo-Zeit von Kabuki hat sich zu ihrer Gründung.

W tańcu starożytnej Japonii, taniec w epoce Edo kabuki stała się jej fundamentem.

Dans la danse ancienne au Japon, de la danse dans l'époque Edo de Kabuki est devenu sa fondation.

夕 顔
Mask Seller
知 盛


 時は平家滅亡の後。源義経が、兄、頼朝と不仲になり、九州へ逃れようと、大物浦から船出をします。大物浦とは今の兵庫県尼崎になります。しかし穏やかだった海はにわかに荒れ始めます。空を覆う雲、吹き付ける風、礫のように叩き付ける大粒の雨。そして海上には 薙刀を手にした怨霊の姿。先の合戦で滅亡した平家一門の武将、平知盛その人です。壇ノ浦敗戦の怒り、一門滅亡の恨み、幼い帝の命まで奪った源氏への憎しみ、怨霊は義経一行を海に沈めんと襲いかかります。弁慶はその怨念を鎮めようと、一心不乱に数珠を揉み経を唱えやがて怨霊は去って行きます。


From Kabuki dance "Funa Benkei", is what you have to dance song by arrangement only the scene of the ghost of Tairanotomomori. "Funa Benkei" is what was diverted from the ability of the same title. In actual history, when Yoshitsune was sailed from heavyweights Ura in Kyushu, was wrecked in a storm, it has the theme that it was blown back.

When after the Heike destruction. Yoshitsune is, brother, becomes the discord and Yoritomo, and trying to escape to Kyushu, I make the sail from heavyweights Ura. Heavyweights Ura and I will now Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture. But the sea was calm you suddenly began to rough. Overcast, blowing wind, large rain of striking as gravel. And evil spirits and appearance of which was to hand the halberd is on the sea. Ahead of Heike clan warlords who destroyed in battle, Tairanotomomori is its people. Dannoura defeat of anger, resentment of sept destruction, hatred to took to young Emperor of life Genji, evil spirits will Osoikakari and Jingmen to sea a line Yoshitsune. Benkei In an attempt to calm the hatred, eventually ghost chanting through intently to the massaging the rosary will go away.

female version of the dance
male version of the dance
Rouge Seller
Dance of the monks that pilgrimage to the temple instead

日本 伝統 Japanese dance 

Danse du Japon la culture japonaise Japon Culture traditionnelle

Japan, Traditionelle Kultur,Japan,japanische Kultur

japońska kultura Taniec z Japonii Japońskie kimono




Ukare Tanuki
Merry raccoon dog




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